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You can take care of children who have a fever before or after taking medication, I suggest you buy a drug after consulting a doctor, or you can consult a pharmacist by buying drugs at a pharmacy or at an Online Pharmacy. After that, you can take care of the child in the ways that I will provide below.

The most effective compress to reduce toddler’s body temperature is with warm water. Because, if the body is compressed with warm water, the center of body temperature will receive information that the temperature around the body is warm. The body will also reduce the temperature automatically.

Here’s how:

Before compressing, provide a small basin of warm water with a temperature of approximately 38ºC. Wet a towel or rag with warm water.

When compressing, open toddler clothes. Place a towel on the armpit and groin, not on the forehead. The armpits and thigh folds are crossed by large blood vessels, so they immediately signal to the temperature control center in the brain to reduce fever. Compress the parts for about 10 minutes. If the towel has been reduced warmly, repeat it by wetting it with warm water. Compress again until the …

Pros And Cons of Cannabis Legalization

The debate about this jagged plant has never been discussed since it was declared a dangerous plant by the United States Federal Government in 1970. While in Indonesia, this plant was declared a forbidden group. However, along with the advancement of medical science, marijuana began to emerge as a plant that was believed to be a treasure of treatment and even became a food with fantastic value.

Marijuana or what is called in scientific terms as Cannabis Saliva has been declared legal in 29 American states, especially in the district of Columbia for medical use. Even the majority of Americans also support the legality of marijuana for recreational use or personal use. Several other countries are now starting to review the legality of marijuana in their countries, such as Uruguay, which has decided to legalize it and Portugal to criminalize it. Meanwhile, Israel, Canada, and the Netherlands have special programs to use marijuana in the medical field. Even in Canada, now you can find many licensed producers Canada.

In 1963, a researcher from Israel, Raphael Mechoulam discovered a compound in marijuana namely tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the main active ingredient of marijuana. The essence of these compounds can change …

Getting New Dining Room Chairs

Renovations at home take up a ridiculous amount of time. You have to supervise your contractor as he or she supervises everyone from carpenters to electricians and plumbers. Then, after they get the last coat of paint on and the dust cleared, you need to buy furniture and accessories. We had to pick out appliances before the work was done. I was online looking up reviews and stats for a fridge when I came across a stunning collection of dining chairs. I was very impressed, and I knew my wife would want to place an order that evening.

I was right. When she saw the source online for the dining room chairs I was checking out earlier in the day, she decided to go ahead and place an order right then and there. The chairs are very good looking. I have not seen any designs like that locally in any of the furniture stores.…

When the Drug turns Life Savers: Cannabis

When we talk about marijuana, it is the most illicitly used drug which is being abused my many. The abusive use of the drug has cause fatalities in families and has devastated the lives of millions world over. The discussion around this topic often stir up past emotions and feelings that are hard to forget.

There is stigma attached to the drug because of its ability to create euphoria and induce a state of intense satisfaction which comes with some backdrops. Off lately there has been a positive uproar about the medical benefits of marijuana and its chemical compounds cannabis. Though smoking marijuana is considered illegal world over, its concentrated form, the Cannabinoidial (CBD) oil has found several benefits. The

CBD Oil : The Life Saver

Unlike the THC compound which has intoxication effect on human beings, cannabis though the compound from a marijuana plant, does not have any kind of intoxication effect on human beings. This means that it does not have psychoactive effects on the mind of the user who is consuming it. Altercations in the body are expected which are beneficial from the health point of view.

  • Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

One of the major advantages of …

Gold And Yen – The Correlation That Is Worth Knowing!

Gold is one of the favorite trading instruments in the precious metals asset class. Its appeal ranges from the intraday trader/speculator to investors involved in actual purchasing of the bullion. Well known for its status as a safe haven currency, some liken gold to the default currency for mankind.

It is no wonder then that gold attracts a lot of attention, from fundamental analysis to the more technical trading strategies with gold. This is largely because gold can be traded in many ways such as spot gold (XAUUSD), gold futures (GC), gold ETF’s (GLD), and even gold (miner) stocks such as Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX) or Goldcorp Inc. (GG).

Gold and the yen correlation

Not known to many traders, gold is positively correlated to yen. Let’s take a look at the first chart where we compare yen futures to gold futures on a monthly time frame. You can see how gold’s peaks and troughs correspond to that of the yen’s peaks and troughs.
Note: Yen futures are contracts that are priced in US dollars. It is the inverse of USDJPY.

The above chart also shows that the correlation is not 100{f5da3e0c74fcb14661fb21cee88603dcee6afadb35bc9b8a00d40af3360c1225}. Or in other words the percentage to percentage move …