You can take care of children who have a fever before or after taking medication,

You can take care of children who have a fever before or after taking medication, I suggest you buy a drug after consulting a doctor, or you can consult a pharmacist by buying drugs at a pharmacy or at an Online Pharmacy. After that, you can take care of the child in the ways that I will provide below.

The most effective compress to reduce toddler’s body temperature is with warm water. Because, if the body is compressed with warm water, the center of body temperature will receive information that the temperature around the body is warm. The body will also reduce the temperature automatically.

Here’s how:

Before compressing, provide a small basin of warm water with a temperature of approximately 38ºC. Wet a towel or rag with warm water.

When compressing, open toddler clothes. Place a towel on the armpit and groin, not on the forehead. The armpits and thigh folds are crossed by large blood vessels, so they immediately signal to the temperature control center in the brain to reduce fever. Compress the parts for about 10 minutes. If the towel has been reduced warmly, repeat it by wetting it with warm water. Compress again until the child’s body temperature decreases.

Compress, wipe the compressed parts (possibly wet) by pressing the skin, not rubbing. Use a dry towel. Re-wear your baby’s clothes. Choose clothes that are thin and loose so that helps to relieve fever through the evaporation process. Cover the child with a thin blanket when cold or shivering.

Other things that you should pay attention to:

Do not direct the air conditioner or fan directly into the body of a toddler so that he is comfortable during a fever.

Add or give the child enough fluids – can be water, juice or vegetable soup like soup – to avoid dehydration (lack of body fluids).

Rest your toddler. Activity will increase the fever. Children may still be bathed with warm water at a temperature of approximately 38ºC.

Give a febrifuge such as paracetamol or ibuprofen if after 24 hours the toddler’s fever is not compressed. Pay attention to the period of administration of febrifuge and dosage, because constantly giving febrifuge is not a good side effect. Like paracetamol, if given continuously in large doses, the risk of damage to the liver is at risk.

Take the toddler to the doctor if the fever does not go down within 3 days.

Compress Plaster, Is It Effective? There are many ready-to-use compress tape on the market for additional use, as well as traditional compresses with washcloths or towels soaked in warm water. Its function is not as effective as paracetamol or ibuprofen in reducing fever. This compressed tape is made from hydrogel material which is formulated in such a way that it can accelerate the process of transferring heat from the body to compress tape. If you use this type of compress tape, then:

Place it on the armpit and groin. Previously, cut to the desired size. If there is still leftover, store the unused residue in the refrigerator in the cooler section.

Compress is approximately 30 minutes.

Be careful after use. Unplug the compressed tape slowly by rubbing baby oil in the area where the tape is pressed. Don’t be forcibly removed.

Compress tape is only used for external use, not for injured skin.