How Does A Boomerang Work?

Most of you must be already familiar with a boomerang. As you know, a boomerang

Most of you must be already familiar with a boomerang. As you know, a boomerang is the original weapon of the Aboriginal tribe in Australia. There are 2 types of Boomerang. The first is hunting Boomerang and the second is returning Boomerang.

 Just like the name, the hunting Boomerang is used by the Aboriginal tribe to hunt. This kind of Boomerang cannot return when thrown. While returning Boomerang can turn back again to the thrower when it is thrown. The returning Boomerang is the most used weapon to chase bats away. A boomerang is made from various materials. From woods, stones, metal, and even bones.

A Boomerang has a combination of translation and rotation movements, just like helicopter blades. Translations are movements that move because of a throw, and rotation is a rotating motion. A physicist from Netherlands named Felix Hess examined how a Boomerang works. According to the physicist, a Boomerang works with 2 principals.

First, a Boomerang works by using the Bernoulli’s Law; that for the same height at the same fluid. As a result, the faster the fluid rate, the smaller the pressure. The second principal is taken from the Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. This principle is adapted by the boomerang to rotate. The design of a Boomerang is created to be able to deflects the air flow upward and creates an upward lift effect. The air above the Boomerang turns out to be faster than the air flow below it. This what makes a Boomerang can fly in the air for a long time.

The way to throw a Boomerang also helps it to move in a large circle. The Boomerang must be held vertically, with the curves facing the thrower. A boomerang is also able to spin about 10 times per second and move forward at a speed of around 95 km / hour. This automatic left-hand turn comes from how the wind passes through the rotating arms.

The boomerang flies forward, but is pulled back slightly, each time one arm twists down and back. This combination causes the pressure at the top of the boomerang and gradually turns left. When forming a large circle, the boomerang will also ‘lie’ like a helicopter blades spinning, then float down from the air and land properly into the thrower’s hand.

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