When the Drug turns Life Savers: Cannabis

When we talk about marijuana, it is the most illicitly used drug which is being

When we talk about marijuana, it is the most illicitly used drug which is being abused my many. The abusive use of the drug has cause fatalities in families and has devastated the lives of millions world over. The discussion around this topic often stir up past emotions and feelings that are hard to forget.

There is stigma attached to the drug because of its ability to create euphoria and induce a state of intense satisfaction which comes with some backdrops. Off lately there has been a positive uproar about the medical benefits of marijuana and its chemical compounds cannabis. Though smoking marijuana is considered illegal world over, its concentrated form, the Cannabinoidial (CBD) oil has found several benefits. The

CBD Oil : The Life Saver

Unlike the THC compound which has intoxication effect on human beings, cannabis though the compound from a marijuana plant, does not have any kind of intoxication effect on human beings. This means that it does not have psychoactive effects on the mind of the user who is consuming it. Altercations in the body are expected which are beneficial from the health point of view.

  • Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

One of the major advantages of CBD oil is that it can help alleviate cancer related symptoms such as nausea and vomitting due to chemotherapys. Studies have shown that smoking marijuana has in fact reduced the incidence of nausea in people undergoing cancer treatments. Moreover, scientist have shown evidence that the THC and other cannabinoids in marijuana has slowed down the growth of cancer cells and in some case destroyed some of the cancerous cells.

2) Relieves Pain

According to experts, usage of CBD injections has relieved pains due to surgical incisions. CBD oil has shown results that it has anecdotal properties which can help in relieving chronic pain. The oil can be dapped on a affected area and starts to show results in some time. CBD oil acts as a natural pain killer thus eliminated the need of other medicines that might affect your kidneys and liver. The cannabinoid oil on the other hand acts as the magic pill by reducing inflammation on the area, acts as a protectant and antioxidant.

3) Fights Stress and Anxiety

Another health benefit that CBD oil provides is that it fights stress and alleviate anxiety disorders. Though scientists are still trying to find positive results in human beings and the evidences towards hemp oil is still patchy, the results have turned out effective on animals showing signs of uplifted moods. A person who is suffering from social anxiety, the hemp oil which is also the CBD oil alters the release of the happy hormone serotonin thus improving the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Apart from this, CBD oils also improve the level of anandamine in the body of those who are suffering from depression. In case of hyperactivity, the oil activates the adenosine receptors which have calming effect on the mind.

4) Lowers the incidence of diabetes

CBD oil has also found usage in lowering the level of blood sugar levels especially Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes which occurs due to the inflammation of the cells in pancreas, CBD oil treat the infected cells, thereby helping with its anti-inflammatory properties.

How to take CBD for Maximum Effects

The intake of CBD oil is varied and can be taken according to once preference. These include

Vaping or Dabbing (Inhaling CBD)

One of the ways of taking CBD oil is by Vaping and Dabbing. Several products are available with the online druggist that comes in the form of vaporizers or dab rigs. This type of intake procedure are better rather than directly smoking the CBD. In order to avoid directly taking in the cannabis plant extracts, vaping and dabbing will be sure shot way to avoid any possible cons of cannabis consumption and will ensure relief from ailments.


Apart from vaping and dabbing, the CBD oil also comes in different forms such as capsules, bottles. Taking CBD oil sublingually essentially means using tongue to consume the oil. This allows the active ingredients of the CBD oil to be directly absorbed through the mucous membrane of the tongue. Through the membrane, the CBD oil bypasses our digestive system and the gets processed through the liver, thereby directly transferring to the bloodstream thereby ensuring direct benefits.