Palm oil can give you many health benefits

Palm oil is a good product with many health benefits, and in this blog we

Palm oil is a good product with many health benefits, and in this blog we will tell you more about it. You have palm oil and sustainable palm oil. It is important to buy the sustainable variant if you want to take into account the environment and the working conditions of the people in West and South West Africa, where the red palm oil comes from. Because if you opt for a sustainable variant, you can assume that these workers have not been exploited and that no deforestation has taken place. So the forests have remained intact. You can recognize this sustainable variant by a certain quality mark, namely the RSPO quality mark. Go to an organic health food store in your area and ask if they sell this type of palm oil.

Palm oil in bone broth

If you are a real health freak (and are not a vegetarian) you can also use palm oil for preparing a delicious bone broth. Broth was widely eaten by native people, who ate a lot of full-fat foods and fully enjoyed the health benefits of those. Bone broth contains a lot of gelatin which is good for you. You let the bones infuse for about 20 hours and then you can use this stock as a base for soup. For the soup, you can fry some vegetables in palm oil, butter and coconut oil and add this to the stock for a tasty soup!

Fat is healthy

In recent decades we have been told, for example by the Dutch nutrition center that we are no longer allowed to eat fat. This would be bad for the heart and blood vessels, according to them. Yet this claim has been debunked by many researchers. Because eating full-fat is actually good for your brain and for your eyes, these researchers claim. The Dutch writer Daan de Wit even wrote a book about this: ‘The cholesterol myth’, in which the benefits of eating fatty foods are described. If you believe in this too, feel free to enjoy palm oil in your dishes without feeling guilty! You can also use palm oil to smear on dry skin or as a conditioner and moisturizer for dry hair.

Go for red palm oil

Always opt for red palm oil, because the white palm oil that is often used for chips and cookies in the supermarket, for example, is a processed product from which all good substances, such as vitamin E, have already been removed. So there aren’t any health benefits to it. Saturated fat such as red palm oil does have many health benefits on the contrary, even if some claim not! And you will notice that it will also be beneficial to your weight. It is of course important that you use red palm oil in a varied diet.